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Quinn's Christmas Wish

 A Holiday Story for Everyone

"I absolutely loved this story when I read it. Not to give away anything but you might want to use a tissue as a bookmark for this one - I hated to lay down my eReader to go find a box of Kleenex. Yet this is still a story I could read to my nieces and nephews at Christmas - every year. It is a classic tale of good people, family and strangers, reaching out to help each other at what can be a joyous or terribly sad time of year. The adult romance was lovely, and was handled appropriately for the historical timeframe, but the friendship between the little boy, Quinn, and Jazira, touched my heart in the way only childhood connections can. I would have liked to have a better understanding of the nature of Quinn's illness but otherwise Lawna did a wonderful job telling this story. And in answer to her question at the end of the story - a resounding YES, PLEASE!!!"

Gold Fever - Book 1

Excellent first book in the series

"Fantastic book! It's one of the best I've read in a while. Lawna, you outdid yourself! I was hooked from the first chapter and had trouble putting it down. It had everything: mystery, suspense, love, and sex (good sex!). The plot was well developed, and the characters were believable, likeable, and easy to care about. He fell in love with Savage and cried when he got shot. I wished I was on the horse with them. I cheered at the end. I can't wait for the next book in this series.! I highly recommend this book. One you shouldn't miss out on."

Forget Me Not

My heart is full!

"I love a good suspense and romance and this one is both. Great story and depth of characters. Your not exactly sure who is the bad guy it keeps you guessing until the end. I thought it was one person, then thought maybe someone else, and then finally it all came together. And I love the importance that the animals play in the book, I am a big pet lover and it just makes the characters more believable. And I wonder is there a Lydia and Vallor book on the horizon? I'd read it."

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